ARK CHEMICAL, a company which has many experriences and excellent technical skills in sludge treatment area can support your choice of polymer product.

ARK CHEMICAL sells the polymer-coagulant products which are [Hanaro] and [Damoa] series. As a pioneer in this field of wastewater industry, ARK CHEMICAL can support individuals in choosing the right products that are suitable for their own purposes (such as sludge-settling, sludge-thickening and sludge-dewatering) and ensure the great performance.

[Hanaro] SERIES-1

It is a high concentration emulsion type product in the form of liquid which was developed by using high-tech organic polymer synthesis method.

[Damoa] SERIES-1

It is a cation powdery product whose main components are polyacrylamide.

[Damoa] SERIES-2

It is a nonionic and anionic powdery flocculant that can withstand various conditions from acidic to alkaline.