Polymer Dissolving Device

FREETA-α 3-stage Powder & Emulsion Dissolving Device

FREETA-α 3-stage Powder&Emulsion Dissolving Unit consists of a storage, a Feeding System, a Mixing Tank and a Dissolving Tank. This machine maintains the constant concentration of the dissolution by automatically controlling the amount of polymer and the water ratio.

FREETA-β 1-stage Emulsion Dissolving Device

FREETA-β 1-stage Powder&Emulsion Dissolving Unit is designed under the necessity of dissolving the Emulsion-type Polymer with smaller volumes. It contains the Polymer Storage tank and Dissolving Unit system in a single tank.

It is structurally safe and structurally very compact with low speed operation. And we can certify the stability by CE certification.
High dehydration water content and low power consumption compared to the installation area.
It is suitable for all sludge treatment such as sewage, wastewater and sewage.

  FREETA-α 3-stage Powder & Emulsion Dissolving Device

  FREETA-β 1-stage Emulsion Dissolving Deviceβ