Filter-Press Dewatering Machine consists of a Hydralic Cylinder, a Drip Tray and multiple Plates and Frames. Firstly, the sludge is entered into the Frames. The sludge is pressurized and the water is being pulled out. When the Frame gets full of sludge through this continuous process, the machine stops. Thereafter, the finalized sludge-cake is discharged from the Cake Outlet by using a device that cleans the material off.

It is structurally safe and structurally very compact with low speed operation. And we can certify the stability by CE certification.
High dehydration water content and low power consumption compared to the installation area.
It is suitable for all sludge treatment such as sewage, wastewater and sewage.

 LAPUTA-Fox Standard Specification

Depending on concentration and type of the sludge, the overall throughput and the specification of motor can be changed.