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Conversational Form (#3)

Please fill out the distributor and sales partner application form.

We invite you to become a sales partner and representative of ARK with a maximum commission of 15%(max).
Please guide us until the contract is signed.

Please provide your contact information.

Please provide a phone number where we can reach you.

(Include international code ex: +62 )

What is your main area of responsibility?

Are you affiliated with a company or are you a self-employed individual?

How many Decanter centrifuge machines have you sold if you have sales experience and how long is your career in selling them?

What is your years of experience then?

Please read below:

The registration information must be truthful.
Our company will review your partner registration and send a response via individual email.
The maximum commission is 15%, which may be adjusted based on your response, and we will inform you of other items that the company can support.